Rhonda’s passion is to work with the firm’s CEO to build structure around the functional areas of accounting and human resource management.  Through the trust she builds with the owner she is able to step into the cash management aspect of the business so the owner can focus on creating services and products that better serve their clients.  Because of Rhonda’s expertise at growing her client’s business they have been able to launch new product lines and purchase real property for their businesses.

Rhonda has a degree in accounting theory and an MBA in human resources and finance.  For thirty years she has acted as in-house controller with a focus in the high tech, marketing & advertising, architecture & design sectors.  Her sweet spot is working for sole proprietors, S Corps, LLCs to mid-size C-corps of fifty employees and everything in between.

Rhonda is able to see both the big picture and the smallest details, allowing her to create transparent processes and systems that organize the financial lives of her clients’ businesses.  She has served in business capacities ranging from bookkeeper to general ledger accountant to controller and now serve clients as a consultant CFO.

Rhonda knows that running a business is a collaborative effort, which is why she has partnered with other professional services such as CPA, corporate attorneys, payroll companies and banking institutions, to provide her clients with a full scope of business services.

In her spare time, she reads the Harvard Business Review and the Wall Street Journal to keep herself current with developments that could impact her clients’ bottom line.

Rhonda loves business.